About Me

Hi there, Bookenders! My screen name here is Dani, and I love to read and write (as you can obviously tell).

I'm a teen myself, and I aspire to be a published novelist someday. Other things I love to do include acting, playing soccer, listening to music, dipping my French fries in vanilla milkshakes, singing in the shower, playing with my dog, saying words backwards, and hanging out with my friends and family.

I started this blog not only to try to get my name out in the literary world, but also to share the books I've read with other people. There are so many phenomenal books out there just waiting to be read, so why should I keep them all to myself?

Feel free to email me at bookendreviews@gmail.com if you have any questions. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Happy readings!


  1. i love dipping french fries in vanilla shakes too! its kylee. you directed me here, but this doesn't seem to have your writing on it, only recommended reads? i dunno, it's late, and i haven't poked all the way around yet, but contact me at kschne@gmail.com!

    p.s. sorry for the delay, moving back in was pretty crazy and i pretty much just settled in tonight! lol

  2. And I thank you for reviewing my book, I Am More Than Just A Girl, on your blog.

    I used to go to Wendy's and get the Frosty to dip my fries in, but it doesn't taste good anymore. Caramel shakes are my new favorite with fries. I just had that while I reread "The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy", by Douglas Adams. It is one of the funniest books I ever read.

    I love books too! There are so many. I want a room someday for my family to use that only has books and places to sit. I want to walls lined with shelves of books and I will loan and borrow books as often as possible. I cannot imagine a world without literature.

  3. I absolutely agree! When I first read Fahrenheit 451, I was flabbergasted and bewildered that they had no books! It's like sacrilege to me. When I have a place of my own someday, I am most definitely going to have a library in it. I think my fantasy library would be the one from Beauty and the Beast.

    Keep reading, and if you have any suggestions for me, please feel free to email me at bookendreviews@gmail.com, or leave a comment on my blog anytime! I appreciate any and all feedback.

  4. Hi Dani! I added a shout out post to your blog here:

    Will you have more reviews soon? My niece asked me yesterday if I had any new recommendations.

    1. Thank you for blogging about my blog! I will try to review books more frequently, but I am back at school, so no promises. = ) However, if you check out my "Top of the Shelf" page, I have listed a bunch of my favorite books there that maybe your niece would like. If she's read all of those, shoot me an email at bookendreviews@gmail.com and I'd be happy to recommend some more books to you that I have not yet reviewed, but have read. Thanks!

    2. Thanks. I sent her the link so she could see for herself.

      I understand about school consuming your time. I am glad that you are still posting occasionally. It's hard to get back in the habit if you stop completely for too long. That happened with my first blog so many years ago.

      Since you have such good reviews, I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger award, http://writewhatuknow.wordpress.com/2012/01/27/versatile-blogger-award/

      Congrats and keep up the good writing!

    3. Sorry, I completely missed this for the past six months. (That's only super embarrassing!) But thank you! I appreciate it! = ) Hope you're well!

  5. Here is another young blogger, Amy, that wants to be a writer. You two should chat.