Saturday, February 4, 2012

Help to Increase Funding for Children's Cancer Research

Hey, there, Bookenders! I'm going to stray from reviewing a book or really anything book-related today, but this is something extremely important for which I, and many others, need your help.

Children's cancer affects thousands of families each year, including mine. Below you can find a link to sign a petition to help increase funding to find a cure for children's cancer. Children with brain cancer, for example, have a survival rate of less than 10%. I personally know someone who, last year, was part of the 90% who didn't survive from this horrible disease.

This petition requires 25,000 signatures. It's a lofty goal, I know, but every signature counts. That even means yours. Right now there are only 1,137 signatures, which means that another 23,863 are still required to meet our goal. It may seem like a Sisyphean task, but every signature will help bring another child closer to surviving and becoming part of the 10% who do.

So now I humbly ask you to please copy and paste the link below into your browsing bar, briefly make an account, and sign this petition. It takes under 10 minutes to do this, and it's probably taken you more time to read this post than it will for you to sign the petition. In that case, I will end this post by thanking you very much for your support and signatures. Your signature could be the one that saves a child's life.!/petition/increase-funding-childhood-cancer-2013-budget-submitted-congress/8dxHqYQY

Once you create an account, click on the link again, sign back in, then press the "back" button to get the "Sign This Petition" box to light up. Once it is a green box, you can click it, and that's all there is to it.

Thank you again for your time, support, and consideration.